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Bula and Welcome to the Fiji Mediation Centre. The centre is made up of local and international mediators who have been accredited by the Centre in collaboration with Singapore.

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The Fiji Mediation Centre is currently situated in the main central business district (CBD) here in Suva. The Head Office is located in Suva at Level 1, Tabatolu House, Goodenough Street. The Centre is committed to its stated Vision, Mission and Values set out in this website. The Centre organizes regular training for its Staff and mediators so as to upskill continuously and maintain a strong course in its commitment to its Vision, Mission and Values.

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What can we do for you?

As businesses grow, more are increasingly turning to mediation as a strategic conflict management tool. At FMC, we empower parties to take charge and gain positive outcomes in complex business environments.

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FMC is a not-for-profit organisation run by a dedicated team of experienced professionals. Charged with the promotion of strategic conflict management solutions, FMC is guided by a Steering Committee.

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Our Services

Family Mediation

Litigation of matrimonial matters can be expensive, prolonged and exact a significant emotional toll on the parties involved. FMC’s family services aim to resolve your issues without further damage to your relationships.

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Commercial Mediation

Commercial disputes involved things that are owned or owed. The disputes could be about; money, property, goods, services, intellectual property or boundaries – these are all causes of commercial disputes.

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Small Case Mediation

Expensive and prolonged litigation can exhaust time and resources, particularly in instances of small claims; mediation provides a time and cost-effective solution that puts you in control of the outcomes.

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Testimonials & Case Studies

Property Dispute

Relationships turned unpleasant when a family was in dispute over their property. Eventually the disagreement became so intense that the family members took the matter to the High Court. The parties were the registered proprietors of one undivided fourth share each in the property with improvements. A loan was secured over the subject property in 1979.

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One of the brothers, Sam, had the property under his care and was collecting rental monies for the premises rented out. According to Sam, he was using the rental monies towards the repayment of loan and payment of rates and necessary maintenance of the property. The other property owners asked Sam to account for the rental monies received, including payments made for repairs and maintenance. However, since, he failed to do so, the other three owners instituted legal proceedings against him in the High Court in 2014. They applied for an Order either that the property be sold and distributed equally among the titleholders or that the other three proprietors purchase the whole property including Sam’s share. They also claimed that all rental monies being received from the property were to be deposited in the Court until the matter was resolved. This family dispute had built up over the years before the parties agreed to resort to Fiji Mediation Centre for a speedy resolution of the matter. All differences between the relatives were set aside, as they successfully reached an amicable solution. The parties agreed and understood that the mediation proceedings constituted settlement negotiations between them. They were able to maintain their sound relationships among each other. The family members were provided an opportunity to make decisions in the matter on their own accord. This was a win-win situation for the family.

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